Author Topic: Are you putting enough time into your career?  (Read 7001 times)

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Are you putting enough time into your career?
« on: October 31, 2015, 12:39:47 PM »
Information shared by Joe Mynhardt. He has been a member here since November 17, 2008 and many of us have watched him, step by step, from the early days; seeing him pass goal after goal as he climbed the ladder. 

Well worth the read if you wonder "What should I do now that I've written my story, novel or article. 

It’s nice working on your book, even if it’s your first, but are you putting enough time into building (finding) a market for your book. Writing a book is great, but that doesn’t make you a successful author. One single book won’t make you rich and famous (most of the time). It’s your combined contribution to literature and the field throughout your career that makes what you say or write significant.
To read more of what he has to share, click the link below.
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