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A look back to 2010
« on: December 04, 2015, 09:37:33 AM »
This is a small part of a post I made just before Christmas, 2010. Thought it might shack some memories loose that some of you might want to share.

"Does anyone else do this?  It seems this time of year, I find my thoughts drifting back over the years to certain Christmases that stand out in my memories for one reason or another. One, when I was around three stands out due to a whole box of bubble gum one aunt sent us. It was amazing how much fun we had with that. It was when I also learned my mother couldn't blow a bubble."

Not an exact quote because I corrected some punctuation and a word or two.


After posting the above, I realize I failed to mention what else was in the box my aunt sent that Christmas.

The truth is, I don't remember what all was in it, but I know from experience it contained lots of things.

I was never as close to this particular aunt as I was to some of the others. perhaps due to the fact I felt a certain type of awe in her presence. What I do remember about her is that she was very generous to my family, and I dare say, to others as well.

It was not unusual for her to send boxes of things to us for no reason other than the fact she felt like it. There was usually yards of fabric included among other things. She would claim she had bought the material with intentions to make something for herself, but had changed her mind. So she thought her sister might be able to make use of it.

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