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Short Stories by P.A. Priddey
« on: November 23, 2015, 05:02:30 PM »
This is a set of ten short stories. it's not my usual genre, but something I wanted to write.

AN EXPERIMENT IN EMOTIONS is a set of ten short stories of, love, hate, jealousy, lust, deceit, fear, humour, and the wicked actions of a few.

Warning – some of the stories contain strong language that may offend. The Monster may contain scenes which may offend.

The Dark Secret of Padwell – The day before his wedding, Jack discovers a disturbing secret.

The Green Eyed Monster – After seven years of marriage, Cassie has had enough of her selfish husband.

The Vigilante, the Author, and Niblit – When two serial rapists are dealt with, two stranger’s lives become entwined.

Bowled Over – When Lynne tells everyone she’s getting divorced she attracts many admirers. One she falls in love with, but another has other ideas. He wants her for himself, whatever it takes.

It’s Never Too Late – Chris’s world is turned upside down when he arrives home and finds a letter and engagement ring on the table.

Deceived – Two people in love are kept apart by deceit.

Sacred Trust – A blatant lie ruins the relationship of a happy couple.

A Weekend Affair – A tale of love and lust, but when one is married how far will they go?

The Monster – When terrified Stacy finds out she is pregnant, her abusive husband tells her to have an abortion, or he will do it for her.

A Bag of Conkers – A light-hearted tale where Ronnie Parker tries telling his twelve-year old niece how her father’s side of the family are completely bonkers.

The book is available to buy or free on kindle unlimited.
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