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Biola - Rose of Numen - Genre: African contemporary fantasy
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Rose of Numen   
An African Contemporary Fantasy

by Biola Olatunde

My new novel ROSE OF NUMEN is published by It is my third novel since I was accepted here at MWC.
Name: Biola Olatunde
Book Title: Rose of Numen (Book 2 of the Numen Yeye series)
Genre: African contemporary fantasy

Synopsis: Rose of Numen is a sequel to Numen Yeye, it therefore continues Ife’s tale.  

Ife channels still the spirit of Numen Yeye, a princess from the kingdom of Light.  Her mission, her purpose in life is now crystal clear and the extra-ordinary in her is still intact.

Rose of Numen begins in the prologue. The reader is afforded a glimpse into the past and into the metaphysical world of Rose of Numen, Ife herself. Princess Numen is prepared to embark once again on a journey to another world, the earth, which, however, is inextricably linked to hers.  Her purpose, her mission is enunciated, and then the reader is jolted into the present.

Numen Yeye is an intriguing and captivating novel that is laced in flowery language, garnished with local  Nigerian idioms.  
Biola Olatunde indeed rises to the challenges of originality and creativity.

Links to buy:
IFWG Publishing:

and most online bookstores including barnesandnoble,

Like a meandering gentle rivulet, the well-etched words flow smoothly as it takes on issues of global concern that borders on emotions: pains, loss, joy and love, with a force.  Also, we hear the resonance of love as it permeates through the thickest of hearts to produce a relationship that cannot be forgotten in time.
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