Author Topic: Lulu - is it a good way to self-publish?  (Read 1209 times)

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Lulu - is it a good way to self-publish?
« on: September 11, 2015, 03:50:05 AM »
Hi guys! I am brand new to this site and I thought I would start with the above question - I am publishing my second novel via Lulu and so far I have uploaded the book and ordered a copy for myself. It came through the post and it is really good quality.

My first novel was published by Britain's Next Bestseller through a funding campaign, however with my sequel they are initially just publishing the ebook version, but I also wanted a print version to be available for readers, and they advised Lulu was the best way to go.

However - I have no idea how good Lulu is in terms of others ordering from the website - is it a popular website? Some of my followers might not have heard of it and may be reluctant to input their card details etc to order my book. Has anyone had experience of this? Was it quite straightforward? I live in the UK if that makes a difference.

Is the royalties percentage quite good?

Any help would be really useful! Thanks :)