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Re: The Last Tweet- revised
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I revised this

The Last Tweet

It stole my attention,
a tweet,
"Pain demands to be felt,"

A hard lump in my throat,
blurred vision,
unusual cascading tears,
feeling every emotion,
for a boy I never met.

I wonder how his mom felt,
her baby cradled in her arms,
as he took his last breath.
How is she doing?

I wonder how his classmates felt,
their brother,
gone from the hallways.
Is it quiet now?

I wonder how the doctors felt,
they couldn't save him,
they couldn't stop it,
the cancer.

I wonder how the funeral went,
what scripture was read,
to celebrate the life of,
a son, a classmate, a patient, a stranger.

I wonder how he felt,
I wonder what he wanted people to remember,
What he wanted to leave behind.

I wonder what he meant,
When he typed his last tweet.

-Abbey Jennings