Author Topic: Young adult novel, looking for feedback and more than willing to return it!  (Read 2050 times)

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I'm a young writer from England, and I am currently writing a young adult novel to which I would like some feedback on. I would really appreciate any advice that could be offered to me, and would love to improve my writing with your help. I am more than willing to return the feedback and would be very grateful to receive your opinion on my work. :) thank you

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Hi, Jones, and welcome to MyWritersCircle.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to look over our guidelines to get you started.

As you explore our website, you'll find that every forum has its own sticky, or set of stickies, at the top of the page. Take a moment to read these as well before posting in that particular forum. They'll help you get started. Every forum is a little different. :)

In addition, it's considered good manners you offer constructive critiques to at least 3 other pieces in Review My Work or Review My Poetry before asking for critiques yourself. You're more likely to receive helpful feedback after offering some of your own.

For a bit of fun, consider entering our Flash Fiction and Poetry challenges. Winner picks the prompt for the next one. :)

Finally, if you should have any questions not answered by the stickies, or anything you're just not plain sure about, feel free to message one of the moderators for assistance. Our names are highlighted blue on the main page.

Once again, welcome.


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Hello Charlotte, welcome to MWC where there is lots going on. We critique each others' work.

It's a bit help if you read the link Skylan offered you to our guidelines, so you'll know what is and is not expected from all members.

We also have word games, writing challenge and the coffee shop with the Red Barron Bar to play around in as you get to know other members.

So look around, read the posts of others and the critiques they receive. It's a great way to perhaps spot things that will also help you. 

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Welcome aboard.
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Welcome, Charlotte. You might be interested in posting for a beta swap in this thread

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You've already made a star appearance on the Review My Work thread. Congratulations and welcome aboard.
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