Author Topic: CreateSpace, LuLu, Kindle and payment  (Read 1563 times)

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CreateSpace, LuLu, Kindle and payment
« on: June 08, 2015, 04:42:19 AM »
Hi all,

I'm going down the route of self publishing my novel (when it's complete) as I believe it's more profitable than keep submitting traditionally and not to mention lead times.

I have been looking at POD solutions for non eReader people and the two I seem to keep reading about are CreateSpace and LuLu. Which is the best in your opinions?

Also, with them and kindle, do they pay royalties in $ or ? I was reading CreateSpace and it mentioned $ and signing forms releasing UK authors from US tax. I know that changing $ to at the bank when cashing an Amazon Associate cheque isn't cheap and if possible I would like to avoid that route.

All advice welcomed :D

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Re: CreateSpace, LuLu, Kindle and payment
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2015, 11:19:31 AM »
CreateSpace pay via Amazon's KDP direct into your bank account in . They do require you to supply them with your Income Tax identity number (available from Inland Revenue) so they can record with the IRS that any potential tax will be paid by you in the UK - but that's just a formality.

I've not used Lulu but CS is relatively simple once you get the hang of formatting you document before uploading it onto their web site. It took me a couple of tries to get my first self-published book looking the way I wanted it to (text-wise and cover-wise) but the next three were simple enough. An hour at most. And it's all free.

You can change your book's cover and contents as many times as you want until you're happy with it. The only proviso - make sure you choose the correct paper size if you're looking for book-store friendly paperbacks (5" x 8") and make sure your page sizes in Word are the same before trying to download so that the page count on-screen is the same as the hard copy page count. You're given a free ISBN number and it's difficlut to drastically change the number of pages in a book once it's had its ISBN allocated.

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Re: CreateSpace, LuLu, Kindle and payment
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2015, 04:21:11 AM »
Agree with H3K's comments about Amazon/Kindle/CreateSpace.

As regards Lulu, while they pay in Sterling as well, they deduct US tax at source. Unless things have changed recently, there is no way to claim exemption if you are not a US citizen. Other things being equal, therefore, I would opt for CS rather than Lulu.
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