Author Topic: The MWC Bar/Red Barren Bar  (Read 6436381 times)

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Re: The MWC Bar/Red Barren Bar
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It just looks kind of annoying and spammy.
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Re: The MWC Bar/Red Barren Bar
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Staggering in the Red Barren Bar..... jt
rips the bar rule list ...throws it on bar
in front of the bartender. . .

"Why 'd ya do that jt!?" :o :o

"Give me a Lala! I need one!"   :-[

"Here....!Now tell me.." :-\ :-\

"You need to answer these questions
before I tell ya ..
1. Where is the Red Barren Bar located!?
2. How many customers been in
since I started comin to this bar?" 8) 8)

[/b]"The Red Barren  Bar is located on MWC internet
property. And besides you, if I count the one who
come in only one time, three." ??? ???

"Ya need to add another rule to the bar list.
so the other 1 will stop calling  my visits
 to the writers bar "spammy....
I'm ,I'm not goin into the "annoying" part
right now!"

"Heck jt  you and me are the only ones
here when ya come in." :o :o

"Tell that to the other 1 when he/she/it
comes back in. And make sure you tell
the he/she/it to look up
definition of 'spam   incase, he/she/it
insults your next customer.... " 8) 8)