Author Topic: The MWC Bar/Red Barren Bar  (Read 6905375 times)

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Re: The MWC Bar/Red Barren Bar
« Reply #123930 on: May 08, 2019, 01:16:50 PM »
I Am... give me all the stuff you got to make Firewater..... >:(

 :o ???

and all the bottled water. . . >:(

jt.... whatcha up to now ::) ???

Ya remember the rats ya had here ???

Sure do...but I thought we got rid of em..... :-\

It wasn't us....It was them snakes in rat's clothin...
and I have had enough..... >:(

I Am setting down on the floor starts crying....

I'm with you jt..... >:(  what's the plan.... ???

I figure if we take all the water and hide it on a
nother board.... then use the red barren as a giant glass
We can pour stuff to make enough firewater to get
every snake in here....

Waita minute jt....which one of us is going to strike the
match..... ??? ???

You are, I figure after we make, and you lite the firewater
I won't have to write you in the script.... 8) cause you'll
be out of a job and there be no place for me to write
more script-----after I'm banned. ;D

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