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Welcome to
MWC's Red Barren BarJ
In memory of Tim who spent a fortune in this bar and left us one year ago on May 2nd. :)

For those who didn't know Tim, he once had more red hair than Lucille Ball (or so he claimed.)

Red Barren was self-deprecating humor intended to draw attention to his ever-receding hairline.Tim always insisted that he still had red hair, just the one, rather long one.

He was also something of a computer whiz who enjoyed tracking down those who got some kind of kick from infecting computers with bugs, worms and what have you. He was also generous in offering his knowledge about computers, helping with whatever possible.

Yes, he was one of the good guys that many around here miss big time.

And a smart arse, don't forget that bit, that's most important.  :D

We miss his wit mate, big time. Had an answer for everything. ;)

...and when he didn't, he made one up. :)

Solutions like, microwaving cats, blow torching frozen knickers.I

And the first words to Candy, who created this popular thread.

Away we go. ;D

BAH it's boring having our own thread - where's the fun it that? :(

Reading it back the next morning?

Someone might hijack it! Aaaarggghhh - hang on, how are they gonna take our ramblings off topic?

True - but I might stick to coffee tonight, as it IS the coffee shop.


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