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The call centre
« on: May 24, 2015, 04:50:41 AM »
The new world order had finally taken over everywhere. They still had a few false flag events planned before they totally destroyed our spirit and turned us into cyber humans, but in the inter rum, apart from compulsory micro-chipping, life wasn't too bad yet.

To make things easier for our adaptation, the new world order constructed a huge call centre and boy were they busy on their first day.

Talia- hello, NWO hotline. Can I help you?

Caller- Yes, my microchip fell out. I couldn't buy or sell anything so I had to come home. What do I do?

Talia- wait there and relax. You'll have to give me your address, please and I'll send an army response unit over to fix it. Have a nice day.

Talia-hello, NWO hotline. Can I help you?

Caller- hi, look as you know we have no information from the past but I've been getting these feelings of nostalgia in me and I don't know what to do.

Talia- have you been taking your subliminal downloads?

Caller- I missed one.

Talia- you really. Can't miss any. Sit down and wait. I'll send an army unit out to you in no time.

Talia- hello, NWO hotline can I help you?

Caller- someone said something to me about a God that he said we all used to worship. I'm totally confused. I thought our leader X was the only leader we'd ever known.

Talia- X is the only leader. X made us from the start and X will always be. Now give the name of this demon who spoke in treason.

Caller- I'll give you his number. Be sure and send a big team around, darling.

Talia- we will.