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Help for Slovak book!
« on: October 23, 2006, 06:49:29 AM »
Hi Guys,

Does anyone know of any resources that may be able to help my partners NGO in Slovakia raise funds for publishing a Photo Editorial book for English publication. There is an opportunity for a company/individual to be involved in a quality and enviroment focused book to be produced.

My partner is the Director of 'Raptor Protection Of Slovakia' (RPS), This is a non profit making NGO that works tirelessly to protect Golden Eagles, Imperial Eagles, Owls and other birds of prey in Slovakia.

A high quality and visually stunning photo-journal has been drafted which shows the incredible bio-diversity that exists within this amazing country of the 'new Europe'. It is a 84 page A4 book with incredible photograph's and information which for bird lovers and enviroment enthusiasists will be fascinating.

As Europe opens up even more there is a race against time. Slovakia is in danger of selling away it's assets as mega corporations see the potential to exploit without conscience. RPS is showing the beauty that is in danger of being lost, with a small country holding such a large proportion of endangered birds, but practically ignored by western Europe time is of the most urgent.

A cost of 300,000 sk (6000 GBP has been given for producing 1000 books) the cost of the sponsorship can either be as a loan and repaid out of book sales, or can be gifted. The book is in English and Slovak which in itself is ground breaking.

I have seen the draft and am confident that this would be a very popular if narrow genre book.

Any profits will go back to helping the fight against the eradication of some of the most endangered birds of prey in Europe.

I work as a volunteer fund raiser, and with my interest in writing feel sure that there must be some avenue to explore....

Any comments would be welcome