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Bacchus' Mistress
« on: February 15, 2015, 03:19:18 PM »
Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Underground porn writer Michael Spiegel dwells within New Orleans' seediest corners, wallowing in vice. He doesn't sleep and he consumes alcohol like mother's milk. He feels that he is falling deeper into the cesspool of human vice.

Rebekkah Foster, known as Bekkah, is a young stripper forced into dancing by her abusive ex-boyfriend. She doesn't see any hope in her drowning situation, but she yearns to escape New Orleans.

Beth Monroe, known as Kitty, is a spoiled model who enjoys wild nights and drinking. She hates being controlled like a toy with a pretty face. Beth wants to be her own woman.

Joy O’Conner, known as Duck, is a hard-partying dancer. She can outdrink Michael to the point that it worries him. She has no plans to slow down. Despite her crudeness, Joy has her own strange charms.

Violet Thompson, known as Raccoon, is a shy prostitute. Childhood trauma pushed her down the path that she now travels on. She too longs to be free, but is too meek to even take the first step.

Amy Porter, known as Venus, is a troubled singer. She has the talent to go far, but her personal problems keep pulling her down into the decadent waste land of New Orleans vice. Amy has no way to guide herself back to the light.

Together, Michael and his angels will climb out of New Orleans' cesspool of decadence and fix what is broken within themselves. However, they have to deal with the distracts that alcohol, sex, and parties have to offer.

Bacchus' Mistress now avalabile on Amazon. More links to other ebook sites will be posted soon.
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