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Stupid manbag, stupid shoes,
those stupid phrases hipsters use,
so full of mannered attitude,
and everyone is ’guy’ or ‘dude’.
The modern urban hipster sort 
who thinks his phone is life support.

Stupid trousers, stupid hair,
and cover up your underwear.
My life has reached a certain stage
of loathing people of that age.
Their youthful fervour leaves me cold.
And makes me feel so frigging old.

Stupid beard and what is that?
- the world’s most stupid woolly hat
Though clearly looking such a git
you somehow seem to think you’re it.
This generation’s asinine 
and nowhere near as cool as mine.

I know, I’ve got it pretty bad
I’m truly sounding like my dad
who told me I was going wrong
just because my hair was long.
But now those rebel days are gone
and I’m the disapproving one
airing my irrational gripes
at irritating trendy  types -

those whose lifestyles don’t address 
their cultivated uselessness,
who airily admit they’re crap
at anything without an app
whilst checking out the posts  today
from people standing feet away
- a herd of self-regarding clones
with noses stuck in whizzy phones
who’re checking out the rival claims 
of newly-launched computer games
and keenly follow Dr Who
even though they’re thirty two.

I sound a little rancorous
perhaps I’ve grown cantankerous.

But I remember proper blokes -
all beer and birds and dirty jokes,
un-PC, a little rough
but good at sports and fixing stuff.

You won’t see these types fixing shelves
they’re far too bleedin’ up themselves.

But surely there will come a day
when they’ll no longer be that way
The years will take care of that
and squash their hip pretensions flat.
And faced with life’s demands they’ll lose
their smug beliefs and right-on views.
They’ll find the world’s attention cooled,
their modish fashions ridiculed,
they’ll grow to mourn the world they knew
and come to scoff at all that’s new.
Time will simply turn the page
condemning them to middle age.

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Re: Generations
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 Ha! As ever, enjoyed.

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Re: Generations
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“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try” — Dr. Seuss