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Personal Stories Wanted
« on: October 21, 2006, 06:33:35 AM »
I saw an ad for this website recently:

They are looking for personal experience stories of up to 2,000 words, and say they will pay around 200 USD per story. I've copied their guidelines below. As you will see, this is a world-wide opportunity.

Nick  :)


Common Ties accepts personal stories from people all over the world. Before submitting to we encourage you to read our writers guidelines below. Please note: Stories by our audience will start appearing in late October, 2006.

1. Word length.
The site does not accept stories longer than 2,000 words, and less than 1,000 is far preferred.

2. Story type.
Common Ties publishes personal stories, whether told in the 1st person about yourself or in the 3rd about others. For examples please visit the “Lives” column in the New York Times Magazine or listen to the sound clips on or from This American Life. Personal stories can involve breaking news if you were a part of that story – for instance, stories from 9/11. When writing about others please state explicitly in your submission to us that you have obtained permission from those in the story to publish, and if you cannot please do not use their real names.

3. Pay.
Common Ties pays for the stories it publishes. Our payment guideline is $200 per story, but this is only a guideline. You may suggest a higher or lower amount depending on what you think is an acceptable level given the quality of the story and your past publishing experience.

4. Contracts.
Once your work has been accepted and before you can receive payment you will be asked to sign a simple agreement electronically acknowledging that this is your own work, the story is true, you are liable for the content, and it has not been published previously.

5. Rights.
Writers retain the rights to the stories they publish on Common Ties, allowing them to be publish these stories elsewhere in the future.

6. Editing.
Stories will not be edited, except for minor copy edits to correct spelling and punctuation, and Common Ties is not able to provide feedback on stories, accepted or rejected.

7. Media.
All stories must be written, but any can also include jpeg and mp3 files that total less than 10 megs should you have photographs and/or audio clips that enrich the stories. You will not be paid separately for this material, although it may increase your chance of being published. The site is not accepting video at this time.

8. Contributors.
We will need your name and address should we publish your story, but you may choose to remain anonymous on the site if you prefer to be published without a byline. If you choose to use your byline, which we encourage, please submit a few short sentences that include: your name, your hometown, where you currently reside, and if you have been published where.

All stories posted to Common Ties will be open to comments by readers, and you can respond to their comments by submitting your own.

10. Quality.
You may have several powerful personal stories, but they must be written well if they are to be accepted. Quality of writing is of paramount importance.

11. Quantity.
You may submit as many stories as you like and you may edit your own work and resubmit rejected stories as well. We are not limiting the number of submissions in any way. If we reject your story we encourage you to try again!

12. Age.
You must be 16 or older to submit stories to Common Ties, and you must include permission from your parents if you are a minor. We encourage the submission of college application essays.

13. Contact.
Stories should be submitted to and can be cut and pasted into the email itself or using Word, jpeg, and/or mp3 attachments.
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