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Perfect Paper Cup
« on: January 10, 2018, 04:53:49 AM »
Take me and rip me apart,
Cut my corners, smooth my edges,
Scribble on me, compose on my pages
Make me into your perfect paper cup
Then take your love and fill me up
with sweet sweet wine,
Drain me softly, sipping the bitter, consuming the divine
Empty my ego, drink from me straight,
Spare no drop, you’re three months too late
For I, was already crumbling, ripping at the seams
When you tossed your love into my dreams
When you chiseled my corners with a soft butter knife
Sculpting, molding my clay, breathing in life.

When you made me into your perfect paper cup
Only for me to wither, and watch you slowly fill up
Another- a different one- a glass
Overflowing, red wine- staining the grass
For you to tear me down, so you could be born
Is three months too late
For I was already torn