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A short story for Halloween -
« on: October 31, 2014, 02:25:48 PM »
                                                                      IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT . . . SORT OF

The creature bared its fangs.

What creature? Jack Stokes sighed, and deleted the words off the screen.

Frustrated, he hadn’t written anything worthwhile in days. Already a successful comedy writer, Jack decided to try his hand at horror. The problem was his lack of imagination when it came to that genre.

Trevor the Toothless Vampire. He had typed, and quickly deleted. Probably already been done, he thought.

Barry the Bald Werewolf. That was soon deleted, silly and just wrong.

Jack sighed once more, he needed inspiration. He looked around the study and shelves full of books. There were new additions, horror novels he had started to read. He stood up to get one when he heard a scream, a banshee, he thought. Jack looked out the window, and saw a figure in the dark.

‘Hurry up, Kez ya old tart,’ a woman shouted. ‘We’ll miss last orders.’

‘Alright I’m comin’ jeez, I needed a piss,’ shouted another woman, appearing from behind a bush.

It was Friday night.

Jack closed the window, and thought a walk might inspire him. A trip to the cemetery might do, well, walk past it anyway. He put on his coat, stepped out into the dark, and headed away from the centre of the small town he lived in.

No wind, he thought. Shame it could have set the mood. Jack felt a chill as he walked down a tree-lined avenue. He passed his local, the Kings Head; it was a quieter pub than the ones in the centre of town. His friends would most likely be in there, but was too late to join them. It was another ten minutes before he saw the graveyard and the old crooked church next to it. There was no fence just a small wall. He stepped over and heard noises ahead.

‘Allo, Jack,’ said a voice, which startled him.

He turned around and saw a grey haired biker. ‘Bloody hell, Gyp, you scared the crap out of me.’

‘Aye well, you’re in the right place for it. So what you doing here this time of night?’

‘I’m stuck for something to write, and thought a walk might help.’

Gyppo shone a torch at various graves. ‘Writers block, I know all about that.’

‘What about you? Why ya not in the pub?’

I’m here with Jess, as she wanted to look for ghosts.’

‘Ghosts eh?’ Jack’s eyes lit up. ‘Have you ever felt any presence?’

‘Only when I put my hand under the Christmas tree,’ Gyppo laughed.

Jack groaned. ‘That’s old.’

‘Thought I’d try and help ya get in the mood for writing. Was that one of yours?’

‘No, and I’m trying to write horror at the moment.’

‘Ah right, so how far you got?’

‘I haven’t, I keep starting with the weather or waking up from a dream,’ said Jack when there was another scream.

Both men ran. They soon saw a woman being held up by a man, and Jess waving a hand in front of the stricken woman’s face.

‘Marcy, Marcy are you OK?’

‘Oooh I feel all funny,’ said the woman, as her eyes went big. ‘It felt like cold hands running all over my body, and they lingered in certain places.’

‘She wishes,’ whispered Gyppo. ‘Mad as a hatter that one, does it all the time.’

‘There’s someone else here, I can sense it,’ said Marcy.

‘That would be me,’ said Jack.

‘No, not you, something dead.’

‘My writing career,’ Jack grumbled.

Gyppo shook his head. ‘We’re in a bloody graveyard.’

Marcy gave him a scolding look. ‘There’s something here, something evil, and we should leave.’

‘Oh great,’ said Gyppo. ‘She says it now the pubs closed.’

The wind started to blow and soon became a full force gale. Marcy screamed and ran while waving her hands in the air. The man who had held her, someone Jack recognised from somewhere, also ran.

‘Gyp,’ Jess shouted over the noise of the wind. ‘We gotta go after them.’

Gyppo nodded and they gave chase. Jack stared in amazement as the leaves swirled around him. There were other noises in the wind, voices, howls and he ran. He could see no sign of them when the ground beneath his feet vanished. He fell into an empty grave, banged his head, and everything went black.
Jack came round, he had no idea how long he had been unconscious, and sat up. He rubbed his head and felt a lump and a damp sticky patch he knew was blood. He looked up and saw a full moon.

Jack felt dizzy as he stood and climbed out of the grave. He wandered about trying to get his bearings and heard another scream. Against his better judgement he made his way towards it. Marcy sat by a grave with her arms wrapped around her legs while rocking to and fro. The man who had been with her, lay further ahead covered in what looked like blood.

‘Marcy!’ Jess shouted, as she ran past him.

Jack walked over to them when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

‘What happened to you?’ said Gyppo.

‘I fell in an empty grave and knocked myself out.’

Gyppo raised an eyebrow. ‘We’ve been searching for an hour,’ he said, and shone his torch at the women.

‘What happened to them?’ said Jack.

‘Dunno, what’s that on her neck, Jess?’

The woman shrugged. ‘Looks like a love bite.’

Jack rubbed the lump on his head. ‘It could be a bruise, it’s quite easy to fall over in here, trust me.’

‘Maybe,’ said Jess. ‘But this is something else, she’s in shock.’

‘It might be something to do with that guy she was with — is he dead or what?’

‘How d’ya mean?’ said Gyppo.

‘His body’s over there.’

Gyppo pointed his torch. ‘Where? I can’t see anyone.’

Jack looked, but the body was gone. ‘What the hell’s going on, he was there a minute ago.’

‘If you mean Peter, I didn’t see him.’

‘He must have got up dazed and wandered off.’

‘You sure you’re not dazed? Looks like ya took a pretty bad knock yourself.’

‘I’ll be fine. I best go and look for him.’

Gyppo passed Jack a torch. ‘Take this, me and Jess will get Marcy out of here.’

‘For a small town this is one heck of a graveyard.’

‘True, but it’s very old.’

Jack walked on shining the torch ahead. There were shapes in the distance he guessed were more headstones, when one moved. He saw something to the
left all dressed in white. Jack saw his face and red nose, it was a clown who grinned at him and ran off.

Jack stood transfixed. He could see others and what looked like a witch, and then it dawned on him. Only a few hours ago he was handing out sweets to children dressed as monsters, it was Halloween. The graveyard was full of people in fancy dress, and most likely had a few to drink.

He felt more at ease as he carried on. Poor Marcy, he thought, she must have believed they were real. Jack ducked sharply as something buzzed past his head. It came back at him, a bat. He swung his torch and it flew off. There were more bats coming and he ran.

This is getting silly now, he thought, and stopped running. ‘Where the hell are you?’

‘You looking for me?’ said a voice.

Jack turned and saw Peter wiping blood off his face. ‘Yeah, you Ok?’

‘Why wouldn’t I be?’

‘You’re covered in blood for a start.’

‘Oh that, it’s fake.’

‘Why, what you up to?’

‘You don’t know?’

Jack rubbed his eyes. ‘How the hell should I?’

‘Well it was your thing that attacked Marcy.’

‘What thing? What crap are you talking about?’

‘The thing you created,’ said Peter, as the clown appeared again and stood next to him.

Jack realised who Peter was, an author; a writer of horror.

You shouldn’t be meddling in a genre you know nothing about,’ said Peter, as a two-headed bear, frothing at both mouths joined them.

‘I’m allowed to write in any genre I like.’

‘You’re wrong there, and when you write horror you create monsters. Worst of all you created them on Halloween. If you knew anything about the genre you would never have done that.

‘What difference does it make on what day I write?’

‘When you create them on Halloween, they become real. Now you must pay for what you’ve done.’

The bear leapt at Jack, but there was a loud bang, and the rabid bear was sent flying sideways. Gyppo stood there with a shotgun.

The clown attacked, but was also stopped as a cloaked figure dragged him to the ground.

Jack wanted to run, but wanted answers even more. ‘I don’t understand.’

‘That thing there, you created,’ said Peter, pointing at the cloaked figure wrestling with the clown. ‘The one who attacked Marcy.’

Jack raised an eyebrow. ‘That’s Trevor?’

‘You called a vampire Trevor?’

Jack almost laughed at the thought of Marcy getting a hickey off a vampire. ‘You could have just warned me.’

‘Too late I’m afraid, and I have a lot more creations than you do. There is no way out of here while I’m alive.’

A large dog like creature pounced on Peter, sinking its fangs into his throat. Jack noticed it had no fur, and he grinned.

‘Meet Barry.’

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Re: A short story for Halloween -
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Hi Rho.

The things writers dream up when they're in a playful mood...

I quite enjoyed my walk-on part ;-)

[Tucks folding shotgun away in his jacket again and ambles off into the darkness, singing/chanting/however you choose to define his vocal utterings.]

"A walk in the park, a blast in the dark.  This silver shot is a bit of a lark."


I like the concept of needing to be careful when you create your creatures or characters.  There may be an element of truth in this...

[Rho listens for a motorbike pulling up and stopping outside.]

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Re: A short story for Halloween -
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Thanks Gyppo.

It was originally Stephen King instead of Peter, but I wasn't sure if I could use his characters and kill him off.
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Re: A short story for Halloween -
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thaks for sharing it, i enjoyed reading it :)

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Re: A short story for Halloween -
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thaks for sharing it, i enjoyed reading it :)

Hi, thanks.  :)
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Re: A short story for Halloween -
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Hi Rho, just read this (better late than...) really enjoyed it. Could be onto something....  ;D

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Re: A short story for Halloween -
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Thanks Mrs N, glad you liked it.
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Re: A short story for Halloween -
« Reply #7 on: November 21, 2014, 04:53:40 PM »
I'm glad this got brought back up to the top. Fun read. I really enjoyed it.

Just MO but I think you should have called him Stephen rather than Peter.  ;)

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Re: A short story for Halloween -
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I'm glad this got brought back up to the top. Fun read. I really enjoyed it.

Just MO but I think you should have called him Stephen rather than Peter.  ;)

Thanks Heidi. It was originally, and the bear was a ST. Bernard.
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Re: A short story for Halloween -
« Reply #9 on: December 24, 2014, 05:53:21 AM »

A fair read. Enjoyed the unexpected appearance of Gyppo as a character. I guess the shadow moral of the story is that it's never too late to join your friends in the pub.

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Re: A short story for Halloween -
« Reply #10 on: December 26, 2014, 02:22:11 PM »
Thanks Mark.
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