Author Topic: Cash Incontinence a worrying new development  (Read 2487 times)

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Cash Incontinence a worrying new development
« on: October 25, 2014, 07:34:19 AM »
Ok, I think I have been doing reasonably well 11 weeks into the journey that is widowhood. I have coped with the desolation, despair, tears, brain fog etc. etc. However, a worrying new symptom has emerged which needs nipping in the wallet straight away, before I am forced to find a cardboard box and bag a place under the arches with only a small bottle of Lambrusco held in hands covered by fingerless gloves for company.

My darling husband used to find the fact that I found it difficult to spend money on myself vaguely amusing, well that changed. Now I can't seem to stop, and if he had lived through the shock of seeing this for himself, I'm sure even he would questioned the black and diamante toilet brush I bought today. Then there's the matching soap dish, tea light, and toothbrush holders, I mean why ???

I have bought two dresses in the last few days about which all I can say is that a well decorated Xmas tree would provide the perfect camouflage for me should I choose to stand next to it. I won't even mention the shoes the colour of which could be spotted quite easily by any small aircraft in the area, and the reaction from children and small dogs is such, that it's a good job I have a soft spot for both.

I'm finding myself in an assortment of shops on most days at the moment, seeking to purchase yet another item I neither like or need (actually I did quite like the silk sheets I bought on Thursday until I slid out of bed) it simply has to stop.

I know that I am probably trying to fill the hole left in my life after loosing my darling husband, but if I don't regain control soon the hole will not only be as empty as ever, but will also have a 'welcome to your new home' sign beside it.

Amazon, I am determined to ignore your bloody e-mails this week, now that I have enlisted the support of the CIA. That is the Cash Incontinent's Anonymous for the uninitiated, My name is Captiva ..............and I spend money. Hope it works.

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Re: Cash Incontinence a worrying new development
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2014, 11:04:06 AM »
Well, I've never heard of that on the stages of grief. Sounds like fun. 

Good luck, Sanibel (Captiva  ;D) you sound a real nice person. Keep us posted of other buys.

Diamante toilet brush, hmm, Christmas list...  ;D
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