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Re: Critiquing
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Keep in mind, your job, if you want mainstream publication, is to make an agent or editor forget to 'edit' the work and simply read it. The trick is to write clean, crisp prose that seduces your audience with a non-intrusive style. Missteps, or errors, yank the people you're trying to impress back into 'critique' or 'editing' mode.

That is so true. Ultimately of course it is readers this applies to, editors/agents effectively filtering with their target reader in mind. As an avid (and somewhat unforgiving) reader, it takes very little for me to go completely off an author. I want to get lost in their story world; the last thing I want is constant niggling reminders I'm actually reading a (rather poorly written) story.

The psychology of reading must, I think, be pretty amazing, and I guess a good author understands how to tap into that.

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Re: Critiquing
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But here's how you start on the road to success: tell stories aloud.
You'd be amazed at how many people don't know training to be an accomplished author starts there.

Possibly the best advice on MWC this year.
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