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Power of Midnight Prayer
« on: October 10, 2014, 07:13:20 AM »
Do you know about the enemy’s war strategies against the church, the Christians and the ministers? How does he bring down and sometimes kill ministers of the gospel? Who are the agents of the dark kingdom in the church? What roles should the prayer warriors play?
What is the interest of the kingdom of Satan in human flesh and blood? Why human sacrifices in the occult world? Read various accounts from the former agents of Satan and even the media on sacrificing of humans and other chilling unprintable practices. Why would a woman pluck off the eyes of a crawling baby, slaughter her with all her crying and groaning, and then pound her flesh and eat? What does the occult do with sex? Can evil spirits and covenants be transmitted through sex? Why would a man sleep with a little boy, depositing snake in his stomach just to acquire power, wealth and position?

You will find other explosive topics like wrestling with God, binding and loosing, smashing the gates, open doors, whole armor of God, gates of heaven and gates of hell. Power of Midnight Prayer
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