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Embezzlement is about Patrick Hughes who stumbles upon a written novel by his friend John Redde and John's laptop. Feeling nosy he copies this onto his phone and reads it at home. But he thinks it is good and comes up with an idea of publishing it himself so he sends it to Poppy Books, a compnay which allows people to send in finished novels to be considered for publishing. The company wishes to publish John's book but in Patrick's name and Patrick ultimately does so. When John finds out he tries to get back the right to his novel but cannot find a way to do so. With the help of his friend Nicole Lynch, they try and do just that.

The screenplay is in it's first full draft and I will be doing rewrites on it until filming begins. Any advice, tips, criticism, opinion, errors or plotholes found would be very helpful to me. If you could tell me how you felt about it and do you think it would make a good short film? I am very interested in doing this movie but I would also ask you all if you could score my script on a scale from 1 to 10. 10 being amazing and 1 being awful. I hope for your feedback and I hope read more scripts on this site.