Author Topic: An experiment on character development.  (Read 979 times)

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An experiment on character development.
« on: May 12, 2014, 10:57:55 AM »
Ok, here's a silly experiment... I mean really dumb, but it's something I tried some time ago as a role-playing experience and it had some interesting results.

This is the idea. We can all choose one character we wish to develop and set him/her free in these pages. The characters will act according to what you've set for their personalities, and will react to other character's presence and talk. By walking and talking our characters around I hope we will reach a point (as in my previous experience) where they start surprising us with their decisions and reactions.  In order to "play" all you have to do is write a short desc of the character you set down and write the first few lines of dialogue (or actions if they wish to remain silent).  I will begin by setting a background and adding my char. One char per participant, although you can add detail to the setting.

All dialogue and actions are in the present tense, this is acting and not narration.


The side of a hill, covered with half-withered grass. More hills can be seen in the distance and, when there is complete silence, the sea can be heard as well, somewhere north.

Vixi appears to be a young teenage girl, apparently underweight although there is a strange "solidity" about her, maybe it's because her movements appear almost unnaturally smooth and when she isn't moving she is, apparently, as still as a rock. Vixi has blue eyes and fair hair and under normal circumstances you'd call her 'pretty', but for some strange reason the adjective doesn't apply to her just as it doesn't apply to a block of granite.

Vixi takes a long look at her surroundings, not showing much interest or expectation, almost as if she were... cataloguing everything. Meticulously.
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