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Re: What details can be used in a story
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Perhaps the thing to bear in mind is whether you might be doing anyone's business any harm.  If you want a pub where the landlord shanghais his customers, invent - and check you haven't inadvertently come up with a pub readers might association with yours.  (God bless Google!)  If you want your characters to drool over the best burgers they've ever bought, take your pick - no fast-food company is going to mind that! 

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Re: What details can be used in a story
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Sorry, The reedcutters arms is a totally fictious name dreamed up by myself, I've done several checks for pubs with similar names and there is only one in norfolk and thats right down on the broads and nowhere near north norfolk as far as i can see

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Re: What details can be used in a story
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I'm sure your questions have all been answered, but here's my 2 cents.

Real cities are always okay, but I would never use a real business. The owner may/may not approve, and it's just easier to avoid problems.  (Junel answered this better than I ever could.)

Of course, at the end of the day, you can write whatever you want. Poetic liberties, as they say. Just be careful that if you're using a real city and replacing the name of a real business with a fictitious place, be prepared for the reactions as someone has already pointed out.  My advice is to use your imagination and modify your existing surroundings to be what you want. Who's to say you can't?  Unless you're writing a historical piece, the world is yours and yours alone. Do with it what you will.

Also, below is another example of something you can use. Hillwalker3000 already posted something similar. Just thought you might want to see something else.

Best of luck

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