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While investigating a series of brutal murders, detective Sharon Carter expected the worst. The murders appeared to have been done by a vicious animal, and some of her colleagues joked about her chasing a werewolf. However, the truth was more disturbing than anything she could have imagined. The killer was a woman who had been trained to defend the city with any means necessary... even murder. She was never allowed to let her feelings guide her. Kill one, save two. Simple math. Kill a thousand, save two thousand. Still just maths.

But despite this, or maybe because of it, Cara Vasquez had the mindset of a lonely girl, so desperate for someone to call a friend that she did the one thing she was never allowed to do: She revealed herself to Sharon, setting in motion events that would change the lives of countless people forever...

"Charonnie Network: The statement of Sharon Carter" is a story about what's good and what's evil. It is a story about the human mind, and how far it is possible to go before it breaks. If you were stuck in a box in the middle of a busy street, always seeing, but never being seen, how far would you go to get out? How far would you go to let people know you exist?

And if you thought the world was in danger, how far would you be able to go to protect it?

My latest book, "Charonnie Network - The statement of Sharon Carter" is finally out. It's been years in the making, and after countless re-writes big and small, I finally have a version I'm satisfied with. It can of course be better, but then again, it can always get better.  ;) It started as a superhero-story, but I have always prefered the human side to those stories. If you were Superman, how would it feel to land on an alien planet, having the powers of a god, yet not being able to make yourself understood? How would it feel to always be hunted, even though you only want to be left alone?

"Charonnie Network - The statement of Sharon Carter" is about Cara Vasquez, a woman who kills with no mercy, no regret and no remorse, because that's what she has been trained to do since birth. But she has the mindset of a scared, young girl. She risks her life on a daily basis for people who will never know she even exist.

Ask yourself this: If you were kidnapped by someone like her, what would you do to escape? Could you escape, knowing you would doom her to live all alone the rest of her life?
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