Author Topic: Going out (Loft Clearance.) A time warping experience.  (Read 3809 times)

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Re: Going out (Loft Clearance.) A time warping experience.
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Heard of them, but never seen one until i looked at the wiki link.

So, did that metal case, containing the monitor, click into place on top of the keyboard like the wooden cover for an old-school sewing machine?  Pretty nifty design for the times.

But I recall that phrase 'luggable' ;-)


Yes, the keyboard fit perfectly on the body of the computer with latches on either side to hold it all together. A little heavy for carrying a long time, but from room to room, or out to the car, it was fine.

There was a bunch of books that come with it. One for each program floppy and one I remember in particular was an easy introduction to computers, written with a sense of humor that made it easy to read and follow. That one book was almost worth the price of the computer.  ;D

Okay, not really, but it was great for someone new to the computer age.
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