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Hot Press - An Interesting True Story
« on: February 13, 2006, 02:34:03 PM »
Today I was expecting my long time pen friend to visit me in Holland from Austria.   We have known each other over 40 years and we were going to have a girlie week together shopping and doing great things, as girls do!!  Next week we had a plan to fly to England for four days.

Well, on Saturday she went skating on the ice on a frozen lake in Austria  with her best friend   The temperature in southern Austria has been minus 18 for the last three weeks and all the lakes are safe as they can be for skating.   So just imagine a lake longer than Lake Windermere in England and its frozen solid!  They had been enjoying themselves when for some reason my pen friend fell over on the ice.

The accident happened at the top end of the lake which left her friend to go home alone.  Unfortunately my friend was so seriously injured that all of her lower forearm has been smashed to the point where she had to have a long operation to repair it and has had three days in hospital.

So the friend who was with her skating from one end of the lake to the other decided to skate home, about ten kilometres and was trying to make it home so that she could change her skates and drive to the hospital in the car.   On the way back, the friend was so intent on getting back that she too fell over and smashed the same arm and has also been in the same hospital for the week end.

Talk about coincidence eh?  Thought I would share this with you.
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Re: Hot Press - An Interesting True Story
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That would make a good short story?


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Re: Hot Press - An Interesting True Story
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Interesting point Jenny - but I wonder??? This is so typical of the 'truth is stranger than fiction' adage, that I'm not sure you'd get away with it ...

Lin - I'm so glad you weren't there - these things tend to happen in 3s, you know??? NOT good for writing!!   :o


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Re: Hot Press - An Interesting True Story
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Well I got someone to replace the ticket to England on Wednesday, but it costs Euros103 plus Visa card costs to change the name on the ticket.   If I had phoned and confirmed a new name yesterday it would have been E83.   This is sad, because I thought I was doing a favour by finding a replacement passenger for the ticket, instead it cost more!