Author Topic: UFO - Unidentified funny Objects Anthology  (Read 923 times)

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UFO - Unidentified funny Objects Anthology
« on: February 13, 2014, 10:03:18 PM »
Call for submissions-

SUBMISSION WINDOW: March 1 – March 31

LENGTH: 500-6000 words.

PAYMENT: $0.05 per word + contributor copy. Payment will be made upon acceptance. Our preferred method of payment is via PayPal, but you may request a check.

FORMAT: RTF or DOC. Standard Manuscript Format or something close to it (We won’t take points off if you prefer Courier to Times New Roman or some such), except please remove your name and any other identifying information from the manuscript as all submissions are read “blind”.

SEND TO:  E-mail submissions as an attachment to:  ufoeditors @ gmail dot com
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