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Re: Focusing on dialogue for a class. 400 words.
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The problem I see with the dialogue is that Charlotte and Carl sound almost identical. Even those in a close knit family have their own way of speaking, based on their personalities. My suggestion is to get to know your characters better. Do character studies if needed. A person's speech is a mirror to their experiences.

I totally agree!  

That's why it's sometimes recommended that a fiction writer create a biography for each important character.Date of birth,  marriage status, level of education,  religious beliefs,  are all underlying factors  which affect the way we converse. Another thing which helps creating believable dialogue is  providing our characters personality traits of people we know or have known. Some might be a composite of several people’s traits. Once we firmly establish a clear concept of how our characters differ from one another, it becomes relatively easy to shift from to the other whithout getting them confused or having our own voice interfere invluntarily.  
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