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Our payout is higher for more in-depth pieces.

Storyevent is a new online magazine that also features a <a href="">$2500 SE True Stories Contest.</a>

Right now we are in desperate need for freelancers who can write humor. We're also looking for writers to contribute to the following feature categories:

<b>Politics: News&Views
Sex, Health, and Style
Music News & Reviews
Any series that might aim a spotlight over our culture's underground, its interesting movements, or articles that go in-depth in an area of the author's expertise.

We will also consider story ideas and will soon hire more contributors for even more regularly featured columns. The writing should be highly original with an emphasis on clarity and cultural relevancy. A strong style with a raging middle finger to the establishment will fare better than the limp dipsy-doodling found in The New Yorker.

Use the <a href="">'contact' link </a>on the storyevent website to submit a sample of your work.