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"Other Countries" by Jo Bannister


Jo Bannister:
Am bound to do this wrong!  But it's too good an idea not to support, so here goes...

Jo Bannister

"Deadly Virtues", published by St Martin's Press, New York, 2013.

The first of a new series of crime novels featuring police probationer Hazel Best, former security analyst Gabriel Ash and his dog Patience.  (He thinks she talks to him, though it may be the post traumatic stress getting out of hand.)

The books are set in Norbold, an imaginary town in the English midlands.  "Deadly Virtues" begins with the death in custody of a young black man arrested for some very out-of-character behaviour.  Anxious to understand what happened, Hazel and Ash begin to uncover disturbing evidence of corruption at Meadowvale Police Station that may go all the way to the top.

The second book in the series, "Perfect Sins", is currently in production by SMP, while the third is still being slaved over by the author.

A backlist of over thirty books, mostly but not exclusively crime-related, is also available, thanks to a recent print-on-demand deal with Macmillan Bello.

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Jo Bannister:
A treat for those Japanese speakers (and readers) among you:

"The Lazarus Hotel"
by Jo Bannister
published by Fusosha Publishing Inc. 2014

Meanwhile, in English:

"Perfect Sins"
by Jo Bannister
published (hardback) by St Martin's Press 2014

"Deadly Virtues"
by Jo Bannister
published (paperback) by St Martin's Press 2014

Jo Bannister:
The new book in the current series is out on December 8th 2015: "Desperate Measures" from St Martin's Press, New York.  It follows on from where "Deadly Virtues" and "Perfect Sins" left off and - without wanting to give too much away - resolves the question of what became of Gabriel Ash's family four years ago.

The fourth book in the trilogy is currently in its third edit.

Jo Bannister:
The aforementioned fourth book is out on February 28th 2017 - "Other Countries", published in London by Severn House.

It sees Ash coming to terms with the complexities of fatherhood, and Hazel making some dubious personal decisions that have wide-reaching ramifications for her friends.

If anyone's looking for the earlier books in the series, they're still available from St Martin's Press in New York, and a paperback edition is being prepared by Worldwide.


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