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Sticky: Published short works.

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This sticky is for those of you who have a short story etc, published in anthologies or other places.

Each of you will have one post to give the title of the piece, your name, and if you would like, a link to it's location. As and when you have further published works, you must edit your one post and not post it as a reply. Once you have a full post and you want to add more, you must delete some of the older links to make room.

Remember, only one post each. Members wishing to talk about these posts, please use the Shorts launch thread and don't post on the shelf thread.

I was lucky to be part of this anthology by the makers of Chicken Soup for your Soul.
The  date by Dawn Keeley Caunce

The Modest Mom

Matt Walker:
I'm currently submitting short stories again after a long hiatus, so hope to add to this list soon!

THE BURNING MAN published in Washington Pastime Literary Magazine (Issue 1, Aug 11):

NUMBERS UP published in The Brooklyner (Aug 11):

LOVE CAN BE MURDER published in Writes For All Magazine (Issue 2, Aug 11)

REAPER published in Dark Fire Fiction (Issue 53, Sep 11):

SEND HIM BACK published in Strange, Weird & Wonderful Magazine (Oct 11) and in A Big Book of Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Vol. I:

MAISY published in Orion's Child (Oct 11)

AT NIGHT SHE LIVES published in  Dark Fire Fiction (Issue 54, Oct 11):

BIG WHEELS and OF FATHER AND SON published in My Writers Circle Charity Anthology (Nov 12):

lan: is a website which just kicked off, initially just for online literature but planning to go into print in the future, and one of my short stories has been accepted. You may know it since it was in one of the flash fiction competitions. In case you wish to check it out here's the link:

They seem to be open to future works by me so I may be updating this soon.


"The Weight of Events", appears in Issue 3, Volume 2 of The Mulberry Fork Review: 

"Ramming speed" appears in the Autumn 2015 edition of The Copperfield Review:


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