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Dylan di Vilde has his fourpenceworth
« on: November 29, 2013, 06:31:50 AM »
Well, this is the stuff I’ve written:

Blackheart is the story of the finest buccaneer of the lot - Sir Jack Blackheart – a tale of pirates, piracy and pirate related doings and written long before other lesser interlopers got in on the act. But just in case you’re worried that such a story might be old hat and full of clichés, let me tell you it features a man-eating goat, bucketloads of salty maritime adventure, some nuns and the sexually voracious Wild Warrior Women of Wango (who get about in canoes). There’s also a little romance in it (for the ladies) and of course sword fights, bloodshed, wenching, drunkenness and death for the men. Also contains some mild cannibalism.

Getting Off
Rob Patterson is 45 and stuck in a dead end job. Well, so what? you might ask - so are lots of people. And his wife’s left him, taking the kids with her. Yeah well…..and?….you might shrug . Then, out of the blue, Rob wins a Spanish holiday in a competition and decides to round up five of his old friends – The Lads - in a last gasp attempt to recapture his youth and escape the mind-rotting, soul-destroying drudgery of everyday existence. Can he turn the clock back? Can he put his life back on track? Especially when the lads aren’t even lads anymore. Can a fortnight in Majorca really do all that? Is that even what Rob wants anyway? 
Hmmm, you ponder, now perhaps starting to ponder a bit.

Anyway, there it is. Buy it, read it, chortle, empathise, weep, resolve to start anew, chuck it away. What do I care.


Cursory Rhymes – a book full of poems.

Now That’s What I call Volume Two. – as above, volume 2.

All available on the link below.
Sweepings from the Factory Floor - New volume of poems available now at –