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Sticky: Start Here!
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This board is dedicated to showcasing members of MWC who have published or self-published books or e-books.

Each author will have a thread of their own to showcase each book they have on sale. They will have a format they must follow and that will be set out in the guidelines. One post per book. These threads will be kept locked and only opened for an addition of a new book. You will be able to post links on how to purchase the publications and hopefully gain a few sales.

There will also be discussion threads, one of which will be for new releases and another for reviews by members who have read these books. There will also be a general thread.

Now we are taking this in small steps because we don't know how it will play out, but we hope some of you will be pleased with the introduction.


Members with 250 posts or more only ('Senior Members') will be able to start a thread with their publication and they can post in the form of a reply to the thread any other book titles they have out. Once your thread is ready, inform a mod for locking. Members cannot post on authors' threads. Please put the genre of your latest publication in the topic title.

At the moment, if you are in an anthology with a short story, you will be unable to go on the book-shelves. However, you still have the success thread to post in. Unless it is of course one of our charity publications which will be posted as soon as possible on one thread. Also, Members' Bookshelf can contain anthologies published by other members, but not novels written by authors outside MWC.

The launch thread can only be used by members who are literally launching a book and the good wishes that will probably follow. It is not for your next book signing or for any other form of self-promotion and posts will be removed if that occurs.

The review thread will be exactly what it is, reviews of any of the books.

General thread will be for discussions, but self promotion on this thread will also result in deletion without consultation.

Format of Authors' posts

Book title
Author's Name and genre of latest publication.

Cover Picture
Links to where to purchase.
Short synopsis of book.
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