Author Topic: My poem advanced to semi-final round (Eber & Wein Publishing) Legit or scam?  (Read 62363 times)

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In an industry that is changing so much and shrinking in some areas growing in others Eber and wein is trying to keep things afloat.

Knock it off.  You are not only flogging a dead horse, you are flagellating its skeleton.


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Eber and Wein have long been on multiple naughty lists, such as the SFWA Writer Beware site .

I see that they've now caught the attention of the Better Business Bureau.

From the BBB site-

On October 14, 2016, the BBB requested information on Eber and Wein's affiliation with Poetry Nation, Inc. The BBB requested the information as Poetry Nation, Inc  holds poetry contest twice a year claiming to award cash prizes and plaques for meritorious poetry.  The majority of complaints against Eber and Wein, a poetry self-publication firm, were filed by poetry contestants who did not receive the promised benefits from Poetry Nation.  To date, Eber and Wein has not responded to the BBB's request for information. 

I have to wonder at the motive of the poster who bumped this thread, but it serves as a good reminder to us all. Do your research, Writers.
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If you have to pay them money then think again!  Don't.