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Re: Ghostwriting Question
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Good luck!  ;D

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Re: Ghostwriting Question
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Not sure if this will exactly apply here, but I've done some co-operative writing projects, and I felt that by doing that I've created some of my best works. Its nice to get your idea's down on paper, then pass it on to the other. When they read it, the story evolves in their head and different plots, or idea's pop into their head. In doing this the second writer / first reader makes additions to the text highlighted in their chosen color, and then makes suggestions on changes of text in bold. Then returns it to the first writer / second reader.

At this point the first writer can decided the same on the others text. Which suggestions of changes he wants to go with, and in turn with the refreshing idea's of the first reader can expand even more on what the second reader changed. As your mind will start to have more ideas on how it will evolve. So you will do the same as the other writer, make bold suggestions, and colored additions and return, Before you know it you have this huge adventure, that reads well, and was written with half the work.

I really enjoy this writing method, as I have said, I've (and others) have created some of my best works this way, as it allowed me to see things I normally would have not, and made for much more interesting works. The common phrase most spoken in these co-ops, is 'Thats an awesome idea, why didn't I think of that'.
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