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What-Were, and where?
« on: October 04, 2013, 02:53:35 PM »
Earlier today there was brief flurry of bizarre were-creatures in the bar.  Were-dinosaurs, and Were hedgehogs

It struck me we could turn this into a game.  What is the most bizarre were-creature you can imagine?  The two mentioned above came into the paranormal romance genre, but you needn't feel so limited.

You could even stretch your imagination and piss off paranormal purists by dreaming up were-objects, where the man or woman transforms into or from something which is not normally regarded as sentient.

Imagine a were-pencil.  You use it all day at work, slip it into your pocket at the end of the shift, and at night it turns into a slim and gorgeous bedmate.  The downside is she/he would gradually get shorter and shorter.  (Yes, I want you to imagine the possibilities and problems.)

I suspect quite a few bikers could imagine a were-motorcycle.  Susie the Suzuki, thrashing the roads by day and the bedsheets by night.

Okay, the subject is yours to play with.

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