Author Topic: WANTED: FAST Writers with Tech Know-How and Project Management Skills!  (Read 2645 times)

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We are searching for an individual with EXCELLENT ENGLISH and GREAT HTML skills.

We run an e-commerce group (more information online at helping to produce a whole series of fantastic Web sites and products.

We're growing -- and require a fast-working individual to join our team.

You will need to have:

   * FANTASTIC English skills - writing Web copy should be easy for you!
   * GREAT HTML skills - editing Web pages should come naturally
   * BRILLIANT project management skills - we do lots of things at once!
   * TECHNICAL knowledge - for handling software projects

When you join our team, here are the sort of great tasks you'll be responsible for:

    * Managing projects - source work out to writers, coders, etc.
    * Finalize Web site designs - add finishing touches, etc.
    * Help create newsletters - and various other writing tasks
    * Keep in touch with our best affiliates - say hi!

These tasks will take *at least three days a week*. You may need to use the telephone at times, so your spoken English should be great.

You will be working with a dynamic team of individuals, with a site to help control the workflow.

PLEASE SEND YOUR DETAILS, and possibly a portfolio or link to your website, to the following e-mail address if interested: karl AT myhelphub DOT com

You will need to be HONEST, reliable and trustworthy. You will also need to work at the speed of light.

If you're a YOUNG WHIPPER-SNAPPER, or even an OLD WHIPPER-SNAPPER, who can keep up with the pace of our company, then get in touch. We'd LOVE to have your on board. Pay will be very fair.



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Re: WANTED: FAST Writers with Tech Know-How and Project Management Skills!
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Are you still looking to fill this posistion?

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Re: WANTED: FAST Writers with Tech Know-How and Project Management Skills!
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it is a great opportunity for young individuals looking for tech work. If one can get in contact with joe techreviews then their costs will also be below. This will allow the to company to earn more

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