Author Topic: fading light not love  (Read 950 times)

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fading light not love
« on: September 22, 2006, 01:41:03 AM »
As the light seeps through the curtain,
Slowly fading - of this I'm certain
Like the life waning each day we live
Dying a little, despite the love we give

Maybe it flows from within us, could that be?
Like the river flows surely to the sea.
Or is it just beyond our power to understand
Magic flowing through me at the touch of your hand?

Look at me, you smile, my heart still melts
Not any less than all I first felt
The instant I look into those deep blue eyes
Trembling, shaking, yet I rise

To heed your strong insistent call
My love answers yours and so I fall
A little more entranced each day
Not waning, love you all the way...
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