Author Topic: Hello!!! Looking for someone to perhaps write my non fiction story!  (Read 2111 times)

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Writing is such an art..I attempted to write my own story and it is impossible for me!  My story is about being entangled by a sociopath in a web of deceit fraud and financial ruin...I am a fly in a spiders web for sure..the twists and turns and depth of fraud even has lawyers dumbfounded..I've had FBI involvement..sec of state..and other victims stories...there was investment fraud real estate fraud.e,bezzlement...just the whole gamet of fraud..done to me..the sociopath has many companies for purpose of raid truly is surreal...if you want more info please contact me..I am a single mom of four...financially paralyzed by the fraud..dealing with PTSD..and still going forward to keep my kids and I afloat..people think it can't happen to them? Think that's for reading!


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Re: Hello!!! Looking for someone to perhaps write my non fiction story!
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Hi there

Welcome to the circle.  I didn't see where you had introduced yourself on the boards first.  Please go over to the Welcome Board and tell us about yourself.  This is one of the rules of being a a member here. It helps us all to integrate.  

It's a hard question you have asked.  Someone else asked a similar question last week; try clicking on to this link to guide you there.

It sounds as if you are out to expose these people.  I feel this is a story only you can write.  Trying to find someone to help you do it, may be difficult. A ghostwriter can be expensive, but have a look at the link and see if it helps. There is more to just getting someone to write it for you.  There could be legal implications and many other problems associated with asking someone to do this for you. 

I hope you will comment on other members work as well as your own once you get settled in here.  :D

Lin  :)

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Re: Hello!!! Looking for someone to perhaps write my non fiction story!
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Thank you for posting this. In response to Lin's point, I should like to clarify that there is no obligation on people posting in Writers Wanted to introduce themselves on the Welcome board or offer criticisms of other people's work. We do understand that people wanting to engage a writer may not necessarily want to become members of our community themselves, and that is perfectly acceptable.

That being said, Lin is quite right that this can be a difficult area, with no easy answers. One option for you would be to hire a ghostwriter, but these people do not come cheap. As you say that you were caught up in a web of deceit, fraud and financial ruin, I assume you probably don't want to go down that path.

You could see if someone wants to write your story for you on a speculative basis, and come to some arrangement regarding any profits that ultimately result. I have to say that few established writers would be prepared to take on such a gamble, though. Writing a book is a major undertaking, and certainly any professional ghostwriter would want paying up front.

If you just want to get your story heard, you might do better to contact a few journalists and tell them you have an amazing story to tell. In the UK (where I live) there are quite a few magazines that specialize in true-life stories, and there are even agencies that specialize in sourcing stories for them and split the fees with the person concerned. I assume you may be US-based, so I can't really say if a similar situation applies there, but maybe others will know.

Good luck, and if you do decide to try writing it yourself, please feel free to introduce yourself on the Welcome board and seek out advice from our members.

Nick  :)

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