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Open Source eLearning project seeks contributors
« on: September 21, 2006, 02:30:46 AM »
Open Source eLearning is an attempt to build a community dedicated to creating rich teaching materials for open source software. There are the likes of, VTC and LinuxCBT, but those are expensive and copyrighted materials. It is my belief that teaching aids for open source software and linux should be available under an open source license as well and be distributed as free as possible. Why? One of the key problems in migrating away from the current set of software applications is training. Training of teachers, schoolkids and employees.

The site will be bilangual, both in Dutch and in English. That could be somewhat confusing, but I'll try to keep it less so. As September 21, 2006, registration is open to all new users. At first the project is in need of writers, editors. content developers, graphical designers, people who combine interest in IT , open source with creative and educational skills. You can register on the site. There is still a nasty bug with the confirmation email, but feel feel free to drop me a line at  I will check all signups and handle them manually for the time being.

There isn't any money to be made with this project. All materials are made available under a Creative Commons license that respect the rights of the original author and prevent others to make money with your work as well. You do have the right to re-publish your work in a commercial work, if you so desire. Our aim is to make new eLearning materials available for people who need the training, but can't afford it. Open Source Software is developed by online communities and made available for free. Open Source eLearning is founded on the same principles.

The website is located at

Thank you.

Jan Stedehouder