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Fun Prompt Tool -- pre-printed cards The Storymatic
« on: August 08, 2013, 12:57:28 AM »
At a Glance
•Six trillion stories in one little box
•Writing prompt, a teaching tool, a parlor game, and a toy
•Beat writers block and get inspired   

Whether you are a teenager or an established author, whether you write short stories, novels, plays, or screenplays, The Storymatic can help you generate new material.

Before you draw any cards, give yourself a time limit--say, 30 minutes or one hour. Begin writing as soon as you draw your cards. You do not need a computer to do this; all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper (or a tape recorder). Do not think. Do not edit yourself. Say yes to everything. Let your imagination go wherever it wants to go, and let yourself just go along for the ride. Nobody--nobody--writes a perfect first draft. So don't get hung up trying to do that. Your goal is to get a story down on the page where you can see it and start to shape it.

When writing, you must abide by the Two Laws of The Storymatic:
1.Your main character must change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.
2.You cannot kill your main character.

You must also include the material on the cards in a substantial way. You must also do whatever the Wild Cards say. These simple parameters will keep you grounded, even as you turn off the editor in your head.

Then look over what you have written and start shaping your story. At that point--and only at that point--can you begin to deviate from the information on the cards... because at that point, you will have called a story into existence, and the story will establish its own terms for how it wants to be written.

The Storymatic is a writing prompt, a teaching tool, a parlor game, and a toy. Combine a few of the 500+ cards, and watch a story take shape before your eyes. No wires. No screens. No batteries… Just a box of pure imagination.

The basics of The Storymatic could not be easier. First, draw two gold cards. Combine the information on the two cards to create your main character. For example, if you draw "surgeon" and "amateur boxer," your character is a surgeon who is also a boxer. Next, draw one or two copper cards. Let the information on the cards lead you into a story. Wild cards are interspersed throughout, and they prompt you to go in directions you might not ordinarily go.

There are literally trillions of stories in The Storymatic. That's a lot of stories, but there's one thing missing--a person like you to tell them.

The booklet that comes with each Storymatic is filled with prompts, suggestions, and games for writers, teachers, visual artists, and anybody who likes to tell stories and play games.

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Re: Fun Prompt Tool -- pre-printed cards The Storymatic
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2013, 06:41:06 PM »
You can also find a lot of story generating stuff online. I've used them before and they are really fun. I really want the box, though.

Here's a link to more generatoring goodness.

Not all the links on there work, for example the first one I tried didn't work. The second, however, threw up "The Fortress of The Ghost Automaton" as the name of a villain's lair, so I'm happy and amused.
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