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Choose categories etc. ;)

Some of those covers are okay, a fair few are really meh.

Not bad for the price, IMO. Always useful to have another resource to check out.


--- Quote from: Sprocket on August 06, 2013, 04:27:31 PM ---Some of those covers are okay, a fair few are really meh.

--- End quote ---

I won't take offence because I'm not that sort of chap. I am the designer from Go On Write. So maybe a little explanation. If you will allow.

First off, a lot of the 'Good' cover go really fast on my site. Also it all rather depends on what you're going for as well ... super-genre-style covers usually take a lot of work (which what you probably have in mind) and then become a cost prohibitive exercise for me. I wouldn't spend half a day to make $30-$40 because it's not just going work. To put it into perspective I've designed about 3,000 cover in the last year. So I guess you get what you pay for. There are other good service out there that sell these 'half-day' pre-made cover but you're looking at $100-$200; Damonza springs to mind - a very good designer. Highly recommended. More Genre style covers, lots of photoshop work on there (his site is here).

The other thing you need to consider as well that, yes a lot of my covers are really simple, but when you talk about the two seconds a potential reader views at a cover on Amazon (if we're talking Kindle self-published books - which is my main market) it has to hit and be clear and concise quite quickly. It's not like pawing over eye-candy on a bookshop self with the smell of coffee wafting in the air. Over complex covers tend to look visually 'muddy' at small thumbnail sizes. It's about getting the right tool for the job. Simple strong and cheap. That's my motto.

Any way, big thanks to the original poster for bigging me up. Appreciate it.

Any questions, I'm happy to answer, so go ahead.

Another one to add to the mix for covers and I have used his service. He's very good.



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