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Short Story and Flash Fiction Writers
« on: August 02, 2013, 06:45:53 PM »

Number Eleven is a new online literary journal that publishes short stories, flash fiction, graphic novel artwork and illustrations. Number Eleven is edited by Graham Connors, a short fiction writer who has been published in various journals such as Wordlegs, The Bohemyth, Under 30, Allegory, The Burning Bush 2, The Lit Garden and others.

The idea for the journal was born in a coffee shop in Co. Wexford when the editor met with James Keane, a graphic designer, to discuss the possibility of setting up an online journal that celebrated art and illustration as much as the written word.  This was key as the idea behind Number Eleven was, and still is, to create a space for artists of all types, not just writers, to have their work displayed, making it into an online gallery of sorts. Our plans are to marry images and text to make something that is visual pleasing on the eye but also interesting and accessible for the reader, a home where artists can express themselves. The journal is quarterly at present and will feature between eight and twelve pieces of fiction per issue and hopefully the same again in artwork and design.

What is Number Eleven looking for? We are looking for new and interesting work. We like to read edgy and arresting prose, stories that have the ability to inspire and amaze us (by that we mean jealous that we didnít write them ourselves). We want to see illustrations and graphic novel artwork that makes us stop and think, artwork that challenges how we see things. If you can create that then we would like to publish it. Playing safe is not an option, we donít want to push boundaries, we want to remove them. Be bold, be brave, be yourself.

Submissions can be sent to

You should include a short, third person bio (no more that 100 words) with submission and your name in the title. If you want to send a picture too then that is fine but itís not essential.

At present we are NOT accepting submissions of photography or poetry.

Our word count for short stories is 4000 words (we are flexible though) and 800 words for flash fiction.

For more information you can check out Number Eleven online at or on Facebook at

Or drop us a message on twitter  @numbereleven1.