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A Writers Soloution
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I hope you enjoy this short story, this took a bit of time i shall say but too remind you guys im only 13 years old so keep that in mind while reading =)


   Reaching his hand forward Andrew grabbed on to the oak drawer and firmly slid it open.  Shining out of it was a bright white light, beneath the light Andrew noticed the strangest things; he glimpsed at flying pigs, unicorns, blue grass and other out of ordinary stuff. He reached his hand in the drawer and along with the weirdest feeling Andrew had ever felt, he quickly pulled his hand out of the drawer and slid it back closed with his body trembling.
   He silently gazed around the room with his icy-blue eyes; his brain went over the strange images that he saw in the drawer. He brushed his hand through his wavy orange hair; he thought “What in the world is in that drawer?” He went over this in his head then began to think he was just seeing things.
   With caution, Andrew slid the drawer open smoothly and again the white light started to beam on his freckled face. The light had began to get so bright that Andrew started to squint; suddenly wind had started to gush through all of his room, he quickly shut the door and collapsed backwards on to the rug.
   Andrew lifted himself up and tried to catch his breath, “I must be going mad!” he thought.
   “Maybe its something I ate?” said Andrew in a trembling voice.
   Jogging across his bedroom, he picked up the phone and began dialing; “Is Davis there?” he said, still trembling from what happened.
   “Davis come over here right this minute!” he slammed down the phone on the receiver and stood silently in his bedroom waiting for Davis.

A Writer’s Solution

   Andrew sat silently at his bedroom desk writing ideas for a novel that he wanted to write.  Andrew had so many ideas that he didn’t even have a clue what to write about, one thing he did know was he had to write down all these ideas his mind was coming up with. He filled the room with the noise of his pencil hitting the paper; suddenly he paused and brushed his hand through his wavy orange hair.
   Andrew sat up immediately and walked over to his oak dresser that was placed next to his bed.  He reached out and slid the drawer open and quickly put his coiled notebook into the drawer, slamming it shut he headed towards his shelves that were hanging on his wall and grabbed a book.
   He sat back down at his desk and flipped the book open to where his bookmark was placed and continued to read it. His icy-blue eyes gazed down-ward at the words, he flipped the page then heard a thump noise coming from the inside of the drawer. He slammed his book shut and once again sat up from the chair and approached his drawer with caution.
   He stood paused in front of the drawer watching it wiggle from side to side and listen to it thump. He reached out in front of him slowly and silently then very swiftly he slid the dresser open and a bright white light started to shine on his face full of freckles and acne. He closed his eyes, reached his hand in the drawer and pulled out his coiled notebook and as soon as he did the light as he knew it blew out and disappeared.
   Andrew flipped through all his ideas in his notebook and nothing in it had changed. He flashed his eyes down into the drawer and it had appeared to be the same old empty one that he had always had. He shook his head and tossed his notebook back in to the drawer.
   He sat down on his chair again and as soon as he reached out to grab his book and start reading his alarm clock had started to buzz. Andrew had it set for 7:55am too let him know that it was time to go to school. He bent down and threw his book bag around each of his shoulders and left for school.
   Later that day he arrived home around 3:30pm and stepped his way up to his room. He staggered inside and noticed everything had been exactly where he left it when he went to school, and that was they way Andrew liked it. Andrew had spent a great deal of his time trying to convince his mother that he was happy with where he left it, and she didn’t need to move all of his stuff to different places.
   He dropped his book bag off his shoulders and again he heard a thump come from his drawer again. “How could I forget.” Said Andrew for it had been on his mind all day which is why he ended up serving an extra detention for day-dreaming during class. He proceeded doing his homework and had tried to ignore the annoying thumping noise coming from his drawer. Andrew slammed his pencil on his worksheet and glimpsed at the drawer; he sat up and tip toed over to the drawer.
   Andrew swiftly slid the door open and the light had been brighter then ever; his eyes had started to squint and a mysterious gust of wind had entered his room. Blowing from all directions, his scribble floated out of the drawer and flipped itself to a page of ideas that Andrew had filled earlier that morning about walking fish. He noticed all of his ideas had started to come alive on that page.
   Appearing out of the scribbler; was a fish about the size of a human’s hand and the fins on it were replaced with four cat legs just as Andrew had pictured it. The wind in his room had started to strengthen and so had the light coming from the drawer. He soon crawled his way to drawer and tried pushing it closed, which wasn’t enough so he turned his body around in rotation and kicked it close.
   As soon as he had done so, his scribbler dropped to the ground and the wind in his room stopped suddenly. Andrew had fallen backwards but retrieved himself up so he could catch his breath. Forgetting all about it, he gazed into the corner and the fish slash cat was still in his bedroom.
   His mom had heard all the noise and started knocking on the door and yelling “What’s going on in there?”
   “Nothing, I’m fine I was just doing a school experiment!” Yelled Andrew
   “Well don’t kill yourself Andrew.”
   He waited until he heard his moms footsteps disappear down the hallway and then he staggered over toward his four legged creation. The creature had been resting itself on Andrew’s bed and started scratching itself with its cat legs.     
   “Is this for real?” Asked Andrew
   As he approached the four legged creature it stopped scratching itself and became interested in what Andrew was doing.
   “What, you scared of a cat fish?”
   Andrew became shocked, he thought “A talking fish, yes I must be going insane.”
   He paused at the end of the bed and said “Excuse me, Cat Fish?”
   The fish quickly replied, “Well I have four cat legs, and I’m a fish.”
   “Not being rude, but what are you doing in my bedroom, I mean last time I checked you were down on paper?”
   “Every person finds passion in what they do, and you happen to have found passion for writing, which of course makes your characters come alive.”
   “All of my characters?”
   “Right you are.”
   Andrew paused for a moment and walked over to his scribbler that had been placed on the floor. He bent down, picked it up and sat on the end of the bed with the scribbler in his hand. Flipping through every one of his ideas he stopped at the page with the catfish on it.
   Andrew brushed his hair out of his face with his hand and enthusiastically asked “Well how do I get this to stop?”
   “Each problem has a solution, right? You’re the writer, don’t keep your ideas locked up in a scribbler, combine them and then make a solution.”
   “But, for the mean time what do I do?”
   “There’s nothing really you can do, but for now I’m off for a little nap.”
   The Cat Fish jumped off the bed and crawled under his bed. Andrew was paused at the end of the bed thinking of what to do for the spare time too keep his ideas locked up. He left his room, grabbed the tape from his kitchen and ran back upstairs to tape his scribbler.
   Later that night Andrew sat in his chair reading and finding ways to ignore the annoying thumping coming from the drawer. Even the tape around the scribbler wouldn’t hold it together; soon enough Andrew had gotten tired and somehow fell asleep with the thumping from the drawer.
   The next day after school Andrew now served another detention for sleeping in class for he had not had that much sleep last night because of thumping of the drawer.  He staggered his way to his bedroom and opened the door.
   “No way!” he mumbled to himself.
   His room was unbelievable, there were talking flowers, talking animals and even a walking garbage can. He ran in and shut the door behind him making sure it was locked, the last thing he needed was his mother walking in. He glimpsed around the room and saw that the drawer was opened and his scribbler was ripped to pieces.
   Crawling out from underneath his bed was the Cat Fish that he spent yesterday talking to, “What’s going on?”
   “It’s out of control!” yelled Andrew
   “Better fix it then.” Said the Cat Fish while yawning
   Andrew sat down at his desk and grabbed out a piece of lined paper to write on. He pulled out a pencil from his pocket and started writing a story. Halfway through the story he had gotten so into it that he forgot about everything else around him, gazing around the room he noticed most of the creatures and objects were gone.
   “That’s the catch, I can’t keep my ideas locked up all writers should expose their ideas!”
   A few hours later Andrew had finished writing his story and called it a day. He glimpsed around the room and noticed there was nothing to be seen.