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Twisted Fate
« on: September 19, 2006, 10:17:27 AM »
Season number: 1
Episode number: 1

[Scene: The girlís bathroom at school. Two grade 9s are at each otherís throats.]

Audrey: Why donít you use your driverís license as I.D? (Stops to apply lip gloss in the mirror.) Oh yeah thatís right you donít have one.
Kallina: As opposed to your non existent brain.
Audrey: At least- I have popularity.

(The bathroom door opens and Roxie walks in.)

Roxie: For how long Bimbette?
Kallina: (Annoyed.) Must we go through this every morning?
Audrey: (Ignores her and goes on.) Your one to talk Rocky.
Roxie: (Offended.) You wanna go?. Because I can take you right here. Right now!
Kallina: (blocks Roxie from Audrey with her arm.) No.
Roxie: Back off let me-
Kallina: No. Weíve been over this before, your not fighting each other.
Audrey: What ever. (Puts her lip gloss in her back pack, which she closes and puts the strap on her arm. She turns to Roxie and looks at Calline who moved her arm.) Must be nice to have her to stick up for you? I wish my mirror image did the same for me.
Roxie: No itís too busy barfing to stick up for you.
Audrey: I take back what I said, I wouldnít want a twin if sheís anything like you.

(Audrey walks away, and Kallina Stops Roxie who moves to attack her.)

Kallina: Let it go. (Moves her arm.)
Roxie: Come on Cally, itís how I get my edge off.
Kallina: (Reaches down into her bag and takes a paper out, which she hands to Roxie.) Which is why I think you should enter this.
Roxie: (Reads it.) A boxing match? (Hands it back to Calline.) Forget it.
Kallina: Why not? Give me one good reason.
Roxie: Weíre going to be late for class.
Kallina: Thatís not a good reason.
Roxie: It is if you donít want afternoon detention.
Kallina: True.
Roxie: We can talk later. Youíre coming to watch me practice tonight, right?
Kallina: Yeah.

[Opening Credits]

[Scene: Anthropology and Psychology class. Kallina and Roxie sit in separate desk in the row beside each other.]

Roxie: Kallina. Psst!. Kallina.
Kallina: (whispered.) Itís Lina. What do you want?
Roxie: Right. Sorry. (Goes on.) What question are you on? 5 or 6?
Kallina: Neither. (Looks over at Roxie.) Iím working on my English assignment, with no luck at all.
Roxie: If we switch. I can do it for you.
Teacher: No talking Kallina.
Roxie: (Ignores the teacher.) See the teacher doesnít know the difference. Itís so easy.
Kallina: (gives in.) Oh all right, but last time.

(They switch places.)

Kallina: (Looks at Roxie and whispers.) You chose to tell a depressed person, to stop being such a baby? (Shakes her head.)
Roxie: Yeah. Why?

(Kallina erases the answers and re does them. But has no time to finish when the bell rings.)

Teacher: Timeís up. Hand in your tests. For homework tonight, I want you to study chapter 9 in your text book, and do questions 2-4. Itís due on Monday.

(Kallina and Roxie hand in their tests and the teacher takes Roxieís test from the pile.)

Teacher: (Stops Kallina.) Roxie we need to have a talk about your test.
Kallina: (Gives in to the role as her cousin.) Okay, what about it?
Teacher: Itís not finished. Now Kallina. (Picks up Kallinaís finished test.) You could take a lesson or two from her.
Kallina: (mutters) Lina.
Teacher: Pardon?
Kallina: Nothing. Itís just that she prefers to be called Lina
Teacher: Right. Iíll have to remember that then. I just donít get how you two can look so much a like yet are so different from each other.
Kallina: Sheís my cousin; we get mistaken for each other a lot. (Hints to her.) But weíre different. Fraternal.
Teacher: Ah. You have one option.
Kalline: Which is?
Teacher: Stay and finish the test and have a good chance on it. OrÖ.
Kallina: I thought you said I only had one option?
Teacher: I have a feeling you arenít going to like the second one.
Kallina: Whatís the condition? I promise I can handle it.
Teacher: Or Iíll see you in summer school. Itís your choice; you donít have to agree to it.
Kallina: I-Iíll stay. (She takes Roxieís test then looks at her own on the finished pile.)
Teacher: Good. Iíll give you a half an hour. Get to it. (Sits down.)

(Kallina walks to Roxieís desk, and sits down to do it).

Kallina: (Mutters) you are so going to pay for this Roxie. (She starts the test.

[Commercial break.]

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Re: Twisted Fate
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2006, 07:51:58 PM »
I like where you are going with this. I've never written for tv so I'm not sure if the format is right. Otherwise, keep going I want to read some more.  ;D
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Re: Twisted Fate
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I'm just about interested enough to read more.
To be brutally honest, it is far too short to get you anywhere near a commercial break - it's probably just about long enough for a scene in Coronation Street, 10 - 15 of which would make an episode.
Best of luck.

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Re: Twisted Fate
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thanks guys I have more, i wanted maybe nbc or the cw to pick it up when i'm done maybe, and i've never written these before so I didn't know where to bring commerical in, it was all in my head.

[Scene: Recreation center. Roxie is practicing kickboxing, against her partner. A boy about her age].

Riley: (Winces.) Hey, hey, hey, you could go a little- no make that a lot less hard on me. (Holds his arms and rotates it, as though it were dislocated.) Whatís up?
Roxie: Audrey. (They start again.) Need I say more?
Riley: No need. Lina should just let you go sometime, Audrey would so deserve what she gets.
Roxie: I know. (She blocks his kick, and Riley falls on the mat.) She wants me to be in a boxing match Sunday though.
Riley: At the center? (Pulls himself to his feet.)
Roxie: No. (Trips him.) At McAllister High.
Riley: HmmÖ.
Roxie: Hmm? (Upset.) She- I tell you something thatís bothering me and all you can say is hmm!
Riley: I was going to explain it, until you freaked out on me.
Roxie: Oh. (Embarrassed.) Go on then.
Riley: Okay. I think you should go for it.
Roxie: (Rolls her eyes, letting down her guard.) Not you too, I already told my cousin what Iím going to tell you too, forget it.
Riley: Why not? I think youíd have a good chance at winning.
Roxie: Because I donít want to alright?.
Riley: Come on.
Roxie: (Sighs.) Letís just practice again, and drop this. Thereís 10 minutes left of class.
Riley: Right. 10 minutes enough to tell me why.
Roxie: Iím not playing Riley, come on.
Riley: Neither am I, so spill it.

Roxie: No.

(Kallina comes in to the center, and sits on the bleachers, next to a girl with red curly hair.)

Roxie:Hey Kallina finally arrived. (Goes to see her). Hey where have you been? Class is almost over.
Riley:Your dodging the subject.
Roxie: (Calls back to him.) There's no subject to dodge.
Kallina: Finishing your test. Which because of the mix up between the two of us, youíll be happy your going to get an A on.
Roxie: Awesome, thanks Kallina.
Kallina: Lina. Donít mention it. Iíll have you repay me later.
Roxie: You know that I will.
Kallina: Good. Now can we switch back, Iím tried of being you?
Roxie: I feel about the same.
Kallina: Good, then letís never switch again, Iím tired of all the lies.
Roxie: You know, even if we did nobody would ever tell us apart.
Kallina: Except our mothers who know us all too well.
Roxie: Weíve pulled a switch on them a lot since youíve moved here, how could they be fooled?
Kallina: Good then. Iím tired of all the mix ups, letís never switch again.
Roxie: You agreed to it, it was your choice to make.
Kallina: Good then, letís switch back, I want to be me again.
Roxie: Fine! Have it your way.
Kallina/Roxie: Good then, Iím tired of being you.
Roxie: (Puts her arm on Kallinaís shoulder.) Itís great to be twins though, we look like sisters.
Kallina: Too bad we arenít.
Roxie: Do you really miss Illinois that much?
Kallina: No, I miss my friends in Illinois. Thereís a difference Rox.
Roxie: You should really give Clover Falls a chance, I know itís a small town, but its fun once you get use to it.
Kallina: (takes Roxieís arm off her shoulder, and turns to her.) I gave New York, Paris, and Illinois a chance and look what that got me. (Her expression softens.) Iím just sick of getting use to a place and making new friends there, only to be told that I have to move again because of Momís job.
Roxie: Yeah but if not for the move here, we never would have gotten as close as we are.
Kallina: A little too close if you ask me. (Walks to the change room where Roxie follows and Kallina grabs her bag of clothes, and grabs a stall to change in. Closing the door behind her.)
Roxie: (worried.) What do you mean a little too close?
Kallina: (From the stall.) I didnít mean for you to take any offence to it. Itís just that Iím afraid that if we- Mom decides to move again, that youíll be hurt about it, and I donít want that.
Roxie: But you just got here a couple of months ago and your mom just started work at the Museum, what else could she have in mind
Kallina: (picks her bag up in the stall and comes out.) You donít know her, there could be a lot brewing in her head. She could be thinking of moving God knows where. Maybe Australia, Iíve always wanted a pet Dingo,or Antarctica, where I can live in an igloo, or Spain, Iíve always wanted more culture.
Roxie: But I thought you didnít like moving from place to place, what changed your mind?
Kallina: I donít know. I donít want to leave you.
Roxie: Please donít leave me. Weíll have the time of our lives.
Kallina: But I must! (Picks up her shirt and holds the sleeve out.) I canít stay here if my Mother doesnít want to.

(Roxie Leaves in a huff, and Kallina goes to see her Mom.)

[Scene: Roxie and Kalina's Kitchen. Kallina's Mom is julianing peppers to go into the frying pan on the stove with onions in it. Kallina comes in and sits at a bar stool at the island in the kitchen.]

Kallina: Mom?
Rachel: Yeah?
Kallina: (Furrows her eyebrows in confusions). Where's Dad?
Rachel: (Puts the peppers in the frying pan before putting the cutting board in the sink, and whiping her hands on a dish towel. Then stops before replying.) What do you mean where is he? You know very well he's in Puerto Rico.
Kallina: No you know he's in Puerto Rico. I haven't talked to him in almost 8 months, what gives?
Rachel: um, uh (goes to stir her frying pan before it burns, and keeps her back to her daughter, so she wouldn't see her hurt expression.) He's been aweful busy lately with his accounting business, and travels so much that. That. We, thought it might be hard if you talked and then he went somewhere else and you lost touch with eachother. (Turns to her.) Don't you have homework or something you could be doing right now, before supper is ready? or better yet here. (Takes a stack of plates from the cupboard and sets them in front of her on the island.) Help me set the table.
Kallina: Why?
Rachel: Because I could really use your help on that.
Kallina: Uh Mom...
Rachel: I know you'd rather be doing other things but please.
Kallina: Mom.
Rachel: please.
Kallina: Mom!
Rachel: What is it honey?
Kallina: Your foods on fire.
Rachel: (Confused, until she smells smoke and then dashes for sink. Kallina get's the salt, and douces it, putting it out.) Thank you. (Looks at the ruined food.) What do you think? Takeout?
Kallina: I'll go get the menu.

(Kallina leaves, and Roxie comes into the kitchen worried.)

Roxie: Aunt Rachel is everything? (sees the food.) fine. Oh, I see it's another night of fritz's.
Rachel: (throws her towel in the sink she dryed her hands with and turns the faucet off) Yup.