Author Topic: Is This Mother Real?  (Read 14137 times)

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Re: Is This Mother Real?
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much of the answers would depend on what age group this is aimed at, perhaps?  ???

if this were for children/teens, you'd be less expected to follow historical accuracies, making the story accessible to the little ones would take precedence, i'd have thought . . . just a thought.

good luck, skip.


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Re: Is This Mother Real?
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Hillwalker --  Because of your comments I think Iíve stumbled onto the lines of dialogue Iíve needed to change my storyís world from a historical parallel to strictly a world of fantasy.

Good stuff - and I'm glad to be of service.

And I'm sure based on its my story.
Maybe  ;D

Also glad you're not writing this by committee.  ;)


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Re: Is This Mother Real?
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Hey junel -- Good point about the target age of readers I'm trying to write for. And maybe this is me longing for my yesterdays of 40 years ago when a story's audience was based on whether the reader could understand the words. We lived out in the sticks. My mother read to us at night. The first adventure I went on was with Mary Lennox in 'The Secret Garden'. My grandparents, my mother, her friends, my sisters and I, all loved that book. I thought that's the way stories should be. And if dreams come true, this is what I want for this story too.

Matt starts off as a boy so the story focuses on what a boy finds important. As he grows his outlook changes and hopefully so does my writing of what is important -- to Matt.

Hill - no committee to a degree. There's still a lot I need to learn along the way.  ;)