Author Topic: Eden Relics for cancer research  (Read 1071 times)

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Eden Relics for cancer research
« on: June 04, 2013, 08:18:27 AM »
Hi all,
After the recent death of my father-in-law to lung cancer (through exposure to asbestos) I've decided to try and raise some money for research. Twenty three years ago my mother-in-law died from lung cancer (another nonsmoker) and I was able to raise 1300 through an exhibition of paintings. I'd like to top that sum by offering all author royalties for the download sales of EDEN RELICS for the next 3 months and 50% of the royalties thereafter. If anyone knows how I can promote this campaign I'd be grateful.
The book reached no 8 in the Action/adventure category of the Amazon sales back in August last year and has sold over 3000 since then. I am aware that some people might see this as a cynical attempt to promote the book but the truth is I really want to raise some serious money for the cancer charity. Asbestos related cancer is something that is always fatal and is often contracted thirty or forty years before it strikes. Official sources seem to think the number of cases will begin to reach the a peak in 2015 and many of us might have this killer and not know it. Sorry to be a bit gloomy but it is something that needs support.
Many thanks,