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Broken Circle -Poem
« on: September 28, 2018, 11:07:43 AM »
Broken Circle 
I remember yesterdays
 filled with children's laughter,
 tears, and their hearts breaking.

 The laughter they shared
 the tears they shared
 and the loss they shared.

 I remember how happy and
 complete life was, before the
 family circle was broken one day
 and a special angel was taken
 from my mother's bouquet.

 I remember how strong children
 can be for each other, when their
 hearts are breaking right along with
 their mother's.

 If your family circle has yet to
 be broken, thank God, today. . .

 Because, Someone's child is carried
 away by an angel sent from heaven,
 every moment of every day.
                -Jan Tetstone

 Written in memory of a child
 11:11pm September 10, 2018
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