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Author Topic: Flash Fiction #63 The Winner is Official!  (Read 1914 times)

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Flash Fiction #63 The Winner is Official!
« on: May 06, 2013, 07:52:59 PM »
Congratulations to Hedinsen for the winning story - Lindsey, entry #1.   :D

#1 Lindsey

The New Year of 1997 was only three days old but already the weather had made a decided change for the worse.  Steady drizzle, pushed by a freshening southerly wind explored narrow streets beyond my apartment window and made the stout walls of the old apartment building gleam like polished metal.  Moving threateningly above the huddled buildings the cloud was unbroken and the color of lead, so that although it was only midday the light was feeble and depressing.  

Only the sea beyond my view was alive.  Across the normally sheltered expanse of the harbor the surface quivered and broke each eager gust, but in the distorted light the wave crests held a strange yellow hue in contrast with the dull grey hump of the islands which made up the inlets to the harbor and the rain shrouded bay beyond.

Behind me a stereo played soft smooth jazz, the tunes a soothing narcotic for my soul.
A cold chilling wind picked up as I turned back to what I was working on at my computer.  I felt a sense of boredom and loneliness as I sat down staring at the screen saver a moment.  I often welcomed winter days like this, thinking how much work I could get done.  I reread what I’d done so far and started to type when a knocking sounded at the door.

There was a pause then another series of knocks.  I swore hauling myself back to my feet and shuffling across the room to the door, peering through the peep hole viewer.  A girl.

“Ah now what does she want?”  My downstairs neighbor.  I opened the door just as she reached out to knock again.    “Yeah, hi Lindsey?”

Lindsey was a cute Asian-American girl with long black hair and deep brown eyes.  Lindsey was tall for an Asian-American girl.  But I only admired her from afar whenever we met.  

“Oh, Chuck … do you know anything about computers?”

I looked at her with a question.  “Um yeah, depends.  Hardware or software? Could you have accidentally erased something you shouldn’t have?”

“I don’t know.”

“Wonderful. Good answer.” I followed Lindsey Chang downstairs to her apartment below mine.    

We entered a cute apartment of soft furnishings, pastel drapes, soft lighting and freshness to the air that spoke of “a girl lives here.”  Lindsey’s computer, like mine was in the spare bedroom.  Mine was there more to isolate it from the rest of the apartment which, compared to Lindsey’s was at best “neo-sparten”.

I looked at the display screen.  “What was the last function you did on it?”  Reverse analysis.  

“I wanted to load this new app I got from school.”  She showed me the disk in the CD drawer.  “You'd never guess what happened after that...?”

I had to ask.  “What?”

“Everything went blank.”

I popped CD drawer open to reboot. I looked at the CD carefully taking it out. “Lindsey, since when do you put a CD in upside down?”

“Sorry.”  But she smiled her triumph.
                                           # # #


“ I’m Mackie Dreamer. My parents have been kidnapped.”

Chan picked his head up off his desk and looked across it  to see a little girl. “Huh?”

“We went on Papa’s business trip, but he fell and hit his head and got amnesia.  He and Mama disappeared from the hospital.  We need you to help us get them back. They’re on Pesky Island.”

“Calla police.”  His head dropped back down.  “Ai-yi!”

“They don’t believe me. We need an experienced detective like you. “

A huge woman stomped into the little office. “I assume my granddaughter has informed you of the situation!   Now, get your gun.  Let’s go!” she demanded.

Chan looked at the loud woman and immediately recognized the richest person in California.  “This is my granny,” Mackie calmly informed him.  Chan grabbed his gun  and led the way out into the brightness of day.  “Ai-yi!”  Granny pushed him into a Rolls and off the three of them went to the Marina., where a group of friends and family waited on a boat.

 “Too many people, we gotta do this quiet.  Little girl stay here with boys and girls.  I take big people.”

“Nah-ah. We all go. You need us, ” declared Mackie.
 They motored north,  passed several small islands and finally saw Pesky.  

Granny declared,  “Only one person would build such a huge castle on a tiny island.  Mr. high and mighty Percival Kendall Young!”

Chan said, “He dead.”

“Yes,”  said granny.  “but his widow, Beatrice,  and her good-for-nothing cohorts are alive and they are holding my daughter and her husband captive.”

Chan cut the motor as they approached the dock where another motor boat was moored.   “Take out your gun,” ordered Mackie.

“Lead on,” whispered granny.

The group crept along the small beach and climbed the little hill.   Chan motioned everyone down on their stomachs and led the way to a tiny cabin alongside the castle.  They heard quiet talking from inside it.  Mackie cried, “Mama, Papa, “ and burst through the door to find her parents tied to chairs and their heads on each others’ shoulders.  

Quickly, they were untied and hugged all round and a plan was made to sneak up on Widow Beatrice and her  cohorts.   Again, Chan motioned to crawl but, just as they reached the  white castle, they heard the sound of a motor.   Their boat!  They must have seen them coming!   Everyone ran  to the top of the hill, looked down and saw both boats moving away from the dock.   Chan fired his gun into the air, but all they heard in reply was cackling!

 “Why they not stay and fight?  Cowards!”  yelled Chan.

Mama said, “Well, they got what they wanted.”

Papa looked down.  “My typewriter factory.”

“And all it’s debts,” smiled mama.

“And now we can all be together,”  laughed Mackie.

“Perfect place for vacation,” mused Chan.

 “You know, we could start a new business here,”  declared Papa.  He pointed at the castle, ‘Casa Blanca’!”

#3  Tooth Fairies and Little People

Freddie put me on the spot. Before I could come up with a response another voice chirruped, “There’s no such thing as Santa either!”

Happy for the interruption, I was prepared for this one; I quizzed Paige about her remark. “Why do you say that?”

“Cos it’s your mum and dad that get your presents, I know,” she said.

“Really? Well I get presents from Santa every Christmas and my mum and dad are dead.” It wasn’t a lie; I wrote out the labels myself, ‘To Sandra with love from Santa’ and had done ever since my children had been born. Even the toughest children are gullible and they never challenge a teacher. The Santa distraction gave me enough time to come up with an idea to explain the tooth fairy.

“Well, let me tell you . . . Once, when my eldest son lost a tooth, he went to bed and slipped the treasure under his pillow hoping the tooth fairy would come in the night. While tucking him in and giving him a goodnight kiss he kept checking to see if the fairy had come yet.” Lots of little heads bobbed up and down. “Oh, he checked two or three times that the tooth was still there and hadn’t fallen off the bunk. And, when he checked again, to make sureit was most definitely there, he pulled out a pound coin that hadn’t been there before and the tooth was gone!” I paused for effect. “The fairy had flitted in the room before he was even asleep! It must have been a busy night and the fairies probably had a lot of children to see so they had arrived early.”

Oohs and aahs circulated the room. Some of the anti tooth fairy camp looked confused, no longer sure whether the fairies existed or not. I never told them I had slipped the coin under my son’s head while I kissed him. A little more embroidery and I would save the fantasy of the believers and perhaps convert the unfaithful.

“I know lots about the little people and fairies. The reason you don’t often see fairies is because the sunlight burns their delicate wings. They have to be very careful not to get singed otherwise they can’t fly. They’re about all the time if you know where to look for them.”

Captured by the tale they looked on in awe as I proceeded to pantomime with a spray gun of water around the room, spritzing above my desk and below some of their tables. “Look there’s one!” I said as I cooled the invisible fairies’ wings.

“And there!” some children cried, pointing to thin air.

My classroom assistant, Mrs Davis knocked the door and walked in. Her mouth hinted at a smile but her brow puckered in question.

“Fairies.” I winked. “Shouldn’t be out during the day, sun burns their wings.”

“Of course, Mrs Pettigrew, lucky you’ve got your, um, fairy spray. Er . . .  coffee?”
Mission accomplished.
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Re: Flash Fiction #63 The Winner is Official!
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Congrats! Well done.  ;D

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Re: Flash Fiction #63 The Winner is Official!
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Congratulations  Hedinsen.

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Re: Flash Fiction #63 The Winner is Official!
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Congratulations Hedinsen.  Cute con story.

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Re: Flash Fiction #63 The Winner is Official!
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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

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Re: Flash Fiction #63 The Winner is Official!
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Well done Hedinson. A well deserved win. B
Fare thee well Skip. We're all 'Keening' now. xbx

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Re: Flash Fiction #63 The Winner is Official!
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Well done, Hedinsen -- congratulations. :D

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Re: Flash Fiction #63 The Winner is Official!
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Thank you everyone.  The prompt was the type I've had in mind but waiting for the right moment to use it.  I'll post the prompt tonight.  This will have minds working over time.  I actually thought of the prompt at work yesterday while doing something else -- neat eh?
                                               # # #